Bridging Finance

If borrowers are in need of quick, short-term financing for commercial or residential purposes, a bridging loan may be the best option. Bridging loans can provide borrowers with the immediate capital they need to further a business, purchase a home, refurbish investment property and much more!

Benefits of Bridging Loans

  • No upfront fees
  • Available to borrowers with poor credit
  • Allows borrowers to get the financing they need quickly
  • First, second and even third charge loans are available

Available Products

Some of the bridging loans available include:

  • Land Loans – Bridging loans secured by land that is being purchased or already owned.
  • Auction Bridging – Loans designed for real estate buyers who need to pay for auctioned property before obtaining a mortgage.
  • Commercial Loans – Loans to help businesses with short-term cash flow needs or the purchase of new equipment or property.
  • Residential Bridging – Financing for buyers who intend to fund a new home’s purchase with proceeds from the sale of their current home.
  • Development Financing – Funding for land purchases and property development.
  • Refurbishment Loans – Loans designed to help with the refurbishment of a property that must be updated before it can be let.
  • Refinance Loans – Loans for borrowers who would like to access cash by refinancing an existing loan or mortgage.
  • Second and Third Charge Bridging – Financing secured by property that already acts as security for another mortgage or loan.


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Whether a borrower needs to boost cash flow quickly or obtain short-term financing for an important purchase, we are here to help. If you are interested in bridging loans, contact the bridging loan experts at Joseph Meer Property and Asset Finance today to learn more about our services or discuss the options available. We look forward to hearing from you!

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