Raising working capital is an important plank in any growth plan. At least it was until the credit crunch and recent banking difficulties saw lending to SMEs sharply reduce in 2009-2014 even though the economy is improving. Where a company has encountered a significant downturn event or is under pressure, then the directors must consider whether raising further finance against assets is the solution to their problems.

As the current market for business changes and evolves almost daily, we cannot provide an exhaustive list of the financial products available but we give a simple guide to the options available to you below.
We assume that the business is not a prime candidate for lending and that it needs working capital. If you need fast, flexible finance, fill in our form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Remember, this section is not designed for ordinary business financing solutions, rather it is for companies under pressure, who need to find adequate working capital. Consider the products, weigh them up against the circumstances you find yourself in and decide. If you want help to decide and find the most appropriate suppliers of finance, please contact us. We know and have access to dozens of providers of these products and can point out the pros and cons of each.

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